Bar Bites Menu

Small Plates

Edamame (V) 45

Fleur de sel or spicy

Yasai Tempura (V) 55

Baby corn, lotus root, green beans, sweet potato, oyster mushroom Served with soy wasabi dip

Truffle Sweet Potato Fries (V) 50

Finished with grated parmesan

Opae Sri Racha Prawns 60

Battered prawns tossed in spicy aioli Tpped with mango passion salsa & tobiko

Balinese Satay Lilit 60

Grilled ground chicken in lemongrass skewer served with peanut sauce

Ula Lobster Boulette 65

Poached lobster & chestnut dumplings in our signature truffle soy chili

Island Wontons 55

Homemade chicken & shrimp fried dumplings, served with fragrant sweet chili

Gyoza 60

Pan-fried beef dumpling served with spicy coriander dip

Diablo Shrimp Taco by Senor Pico 55

Marinated shrimps in chili & lime juice,grilled to perfection Topped with coriander, chipotle aioli & pico slaw


Sushi Menu


8 pieces each

California Roll 60

Crab stick, avocado, orange tobiko

Salmon Roll 65

Fresh Norwegian salmon, scallion aioli

Spicy Tuna Roll 65

Tuna, sriracha sauce, Japanese 7-spice, Chives

Avocado Roll 55

Cucumber & pickled radish Topped with sliced avocado


Crazy Roll 80

Salmon, tempura shrimp, beetroot rice
Topped with unagi

Menehune Tempura 70

Salmon, crab & tuna deep-fried roll
spicy mayonnaise

Blue Dragon 75

Shrimp, crabstick
Topped with salmon teriyaki & torch sauce

Beef & Reef Roll 75

Crispy prawns, cream cheese
Sliced beef tenderloin & cho cho sauce

Crispy Hammour 75

Topped with spicy mayonnaise

Volcano Prawns 70

Spicy prawns roll with homemade Furikake spice

Lobster Roll (10pcs) 180

Jumbo rolls of lobster coated with tempura flakes Topped with teriyaki sauce

Chef’s Combination Plate

12 Pieces 140 QAR

24 Pieces 268 QAR