Tahitian Village Menu

Tidbits & Pupus

Island Tidbits 70

Crispy prawns, crab rangoon, cheese balls, chicken wings

Trader Vic’s Pupu Platter 78

Cheese bing rolls, BBQ sliced short ribs, Indonesian chicken skewers, crispy calamari

Tahitian Prawns 60

Lemongrass marinated prawns, coconut lime sauce, served with hibachi

Crab Rangoon 50

Spiced crab & cream cheese filled crispy wonton

West Bay Calamari Rings 55

Tempura battered & served with wasabi aioli

Cheese Bing Rolls 55

Gruyere & Emmental cheese in lumpia sheets, smoked chicken

Beef Cho Cho 55

Marinated beef skewers, soy – sake sauce, finished at the table over a flaming hibachi

Jalapeño Cheese Balls 55

Cheddar & Emmental cheeses, jalapeno, coriander, panko

Crispy Prawns 60

Marinated & coated in Japanese bread crumbs

Sweet & Spicy Wings 50

Soy ginger marinade, tossed with fragrant sweet chili

Tahitian Island Plates

Chili-Mango Spring Roll 40

Chilled rice paper roll with aromatic herbs, cucumber, carrot-coconut sauce

Coco Salmon Lomi Lomi 53

Cured salmon, tomato, shallot, coconut lime dressing, taro crisp

California Crab Stack 65

Creamy blue crab salad, mustard dressing, avocado & taro crisps

Spicy Ahi Tuna Tartare 55

Minced ahi tuna, sesame seeds, sriracha sauce, crispy nori chips, radish salad

BBQ Lamb Skewers 55

Spiced marinated lamb served with cucumber salad, black bean chile dip

Short Rib Toast 55

Twice cooked pulled short ribs, caramelized onion, topped with sunny side quail egg

Trader Vic’s Style Duck Taco 45

Shredded twice cooked duck, sesame hoisin, cucumber, pickled daikon & coriander

Moules’ Mariniere 50

Mussels in creamy herb sauce, served with garlic toast

Steamed Edamame 45

Japanese soy beans tossed with 7 spice

Indonesian Chicken Satay 65

Turmeric & galangal marinaded chicken, homemade pickles, peanut sauce

Luau Mimosa Prawns 50

Garlic & coriander butter crust, pomegranate, Tahitian sauce

Beef Gyozas 55

Pan fried dumplings, spicy coriander dip

Trader Vic’s Sliders 55

Trio of mini beef burger with tomato, iceburg & onion, choice of Kashmiri spiced with cucumber sauce or classic with Vic’s secret sauce

Szechuan Meatballs 53

Cooked in chili tomato sauce with peppers & onion

Crab Cakes 65

Asian tartare sauce, guacamole, house greens

Vic’s Fries 45

Choice of truffle or spiced fries

Crispy Pot Stickers 55

Chicken & shrimp dumplings with chili lime aioli

Sriracha Prawns 53

Spicy sriracha dressing, mango salsa

Vegetable Tempura 50

Lotus root, Japanese eggplant, sweet potato, onion rings, oyster mushroom

Trader Vic’s Burger 75

House ground patty, aged cheddar cheese, classic toppings, Vic’s secret sauce

Trader Vic’s Classic Rolls

8 pieces each

California 60

Crab stick, avocado, orange tobiko

Salmon 65

Fresh Norwegian salmon, scallion aioli

Spicy Tuna 65

Tuna, sriracha, Japanese 7-spice, chives

Avocado 55

Cucumber, pickled radish, topped with sliced avocado

Vic’s Signature Rolls

8 pieces each

Crazy Roll 80

Salmon, tempura shrimp, beetroot rice, topped with unagi

Menehune Tempura 70

Salmon & tuna deep fried roll, spicy mayonnaise

Blue Dragon 75

Shrimp, crabstick, topped with salmon teriyaki & torch sauce

Beef & Reef 75

Crab prawns, cream cheese, sliced beef tenderloin & cho cho sauce

Crispy Hammour 75

Scented with truffle oil & lime zest, topped with spicy mayonnaise

Volcano Prawns 70

Spicy prawn roll, homemade Furikake spice

Lobster (10 pcs) 180

Jumbo rolls of lobster coated with tempura flakes, topped with teriyaki sauce/p>

Chef’s Combination Plate

12 Pieces 140

24 Pieces 268